Artificial Intelligence

"The Master-series artificial intelligence developed by the Akheron Construction Facility operates the Gladius-class battleships. Unlike the personal entertainment artificial intelligences in public and commercial use today, the Master-series focuses less on social and psychological interaction and more on strategy, tactics, and resource management. The Master-series function like the cerebellum of the human brain, maintaining autonomic functions as well as some reflexive defenses, leaving deployment and maneuvers to the brave human officers and soldiers.

Designed similarly to the Gladius-Aegis capital-support network system, the Master-series require auxiliary artificial intelligences called Slaves. This kind of network decentralizes the computer system, such that if a Slave unit, or even the Master unit, is compromised the rest of the Gladius-class ship remains operational. At the same time, the Master unit operates as the prime authority in coordinating the whole network, giving each Gladius-class ship a stable computer command structure with the flexibility of individual tactical decisions."