ECA Pegasus

The ECA Pegasus is the first in the Gladius line of light-speed capable
ships. Serving as a troop carrier and battleship, the Pegasus is designed to
take the fight onto Ixion shores. Though based on Ixion technology, the
Gladius line utilizes Earth ingenuity, science, and willpower. The ECA
Pegasus, being Earth's first light-speed capable ship also has an additional
first: it is the first ship researched, developed, and constructed at the
Akheron Moon Base Construction Yard.

Currently under construction are three other Gladuis-style ships, the
Abraxas, the Balius, and the Xanthus.

The Gladius line require a heavy supply line and the Aegis-class ships (also
light-speed capable) serve as a remote refinery, a mobile repair facility,
and long-range logistic support. Each Gladius-class ship requires at least
four Aegis-class support ships. The ECA Pegasus' support ships include the
Markab, the Scheat, the Algenib, and the Sirrah.

The brave volunteers that crew the Pegasus and its support vessels have
signed up for a long-term mission; to bring the fight to the Ixions in their
own solar system. While the Aegis support ships anchor themselves near an
asteroid field just outside the Ix system, the Pegasus assaults Ix stations,
shipyards, colonies, and homeworlds. Designed for quick raids, the Pegasus
reaches 5g acceleration to jump in and out of battle back to the Aegis ships
for repair and refueling. Service on these ships promises to be harsh and
demanding but these intrepid men and women are Earth's best hope for

The nations of the Earth Confederated Alliance have poured all their
resources to finish the Abraxas, Balius, and Xanthus by the end of the year
along with their support ships. Meanwhile, the Pegasus leads the first
assault in only a few weeks.